Sunday, May 18, 2014

Back on the road...

        The only way to br truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking, and don't settle. As with all matters of heart, you'll know when you find it " Steve Jobs 

I'm back in the road since four months, long time no blog... but I'm back ! Writting from the Nevada desert in Greyhound on my way to California. I left the islands the 26th of december following my friend Paula to New York. Nothing was planned, bought the ticket 4 days before departure, had 100 usd in my pocket, nowhere to stay but I knew it was the right decision. My heart was calling out loud for it !!! Thee words came together as I decided to go for this new adventure : Truth, Faith, Love.... Be true to yourself, Believe in yourself, Love yourself... I needed to travel light so I gave away most of the little I own, left my surfboard and Anapa (my dog) in Tahaa, grabbed my skateboard, backpack and here I went flying with Paula to.... New York ! 

Tahaa ---> New York : "Everything happens for a reason"

Jasmine comes to the rescue ! I had nowhere to go at -1 day from departure.... and I was a little worried... but all I could do was to believe, everything were going to be ok... Let go, breathe and enjoy the last moments I had in the islands... and it worked ! Jasmine contacted me few hours before my departure and invited me to stay with her in Brooklyn... I was STOCKED ! I was happy to not have to look for newspaper to stay warm under the bridge as Aymeric recommended, and most of all to reunite with my travel friend Jasmine. I met her few years ago while I was working on a traditional canoe project in Moorea. She was studying there and we connected right away, we then traveled to the Tuamotu together, hand line fished tuna, red snappers under the full moon, shell hunted, sang under the stars... what a trip and beautiful memories...

10 days in New York, a change from Tahaa but still and island. Paula and I walked along and across the island of Manhattan, silently, getting lost and found, celebrated the end of a beautiful year 2013 and the beginning of an amazing 2014 to come with Argentinian in a Latino bar, jumping on Christmas tree laying in the street, watching the snow quietening the city, ice skating... we were lost but happy, we walk in silence hand in hand in this new adventure with Jasmine who was also going thru some changes in her life, a beautiful energy exchange.... While crossing Brooklyn Bridge with them, a sign caught my attention and reminded me that "Everything happens for a reason". Departure day for Paula, I bought a bus ticket to cross USA. I left Paula at the subway station smiling : "See you in Mexico "

New York ---> Palo Alto, California : "What we have done will not be lost to all eternity. Everything ripens at its time and becomes fruit at its hour" Divyavadana

I needed to get back to the sun, my foot were suffocating and my hair was going crazy, happiness red alert! We didn't sleep much as we were a little worried to miss our coach. I watch the storm arriving thru the night, it was beautiful. We got back to the bus station the next morning and got rerouted... I was sad as I knew we wouldn't be together for much longer. From Tenessee, I was alone again. I fell asleep on Success legs, an ex convicts who kindly took care of me overnight so I could sleep in peace. I trusted him and I could rest for the first time since 3 days.

I remember telling myself when I saw the bus ittinerary "hummm... three days seems very to be a very short trip... I wish it could take longer..." And it did !As we depart, one of my friend forward me an article about very low temperature for the next days but it didn't stop me, I was running away from it and didn't think will caught us up.... One of the coldest winter storm hit the east and north of USA and the bus stopped in Pittsburg for the night. With three other bus riders, we decided to take a room in a motel and spend the night in a warm room. I needed a shower and some sleep. The bus station was so cold. We wandered around the highway, looking for western Union, embarked with some strangers for a ride... " We stay together, no matter what " was the modo of the day... 

This bus trip was one of the best journey I had in USA. I met people with nothing but hope for love, traveling to it, for it... believing that everything were going to be ok... What are we without love... lost and lonely... It took me six days instead of 3 to cross USA as we got rerouted. I'm still in contact with some of my greyhound friends and I'm happy to have them in my life... 

Arriving in Palo Alto made me want to run away right away... I booked a ticket to Kauai the same day and felt better. I was happy to see my adopted family, the Butler, the only reason I was there for. I had a great time, my very good friend Nolwenn came to visit for the week-end. I met Nolwenn in Ventura, California couple years ago as I had to pick up Pangea, a sailboat I bought with a friend while working in Antarctica. We became very good friend and we got to sail together on Pangea in Washington state, share our love for cooking and laughs. I got to practice skateboard, enjoy the sun, hike and restore my mind and body from the long bus trip... Skateboarding filled up most of my days. I am really afraid of falling on the concrete but I really wanted to skateboard, that's why I decided to take my skateboard along on this trip. One day, on my way to the skate park, I felt in the middle of the road face first in front of a car driving by. I had broke up with my boyfriend that morning and wasn't feeling good at all, I forced myself out, fell, stood up and got back on my skate... I was bleeding but could go back home.

Palo Alto ---> Hawaii... "
Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure...
Paulo Coelho

Kauai has a special place in my heart. I visit it for the first time couple years ago with Nolwenn. We stayed for a short time but had an amazing trip, hiked the Napali coast for two days barefoot eating goyavas from the bush and drinking water from the river. I stayed with my friends Ben and Colette and met Fran. We went surfing almost everyday, shared ice-cream with roosters, listen to Beyonce and just hang out like we knew each other for ever... I met my friend Tikanui, a kid I saw growing up and who is living his dream now, free surfing all around the globe "go big or go huge", what an inspiration... Never settle, keep searching until you find what your heart knows... I met Tuhiti and Harié in Oahu, it felt good to be with them, spend sometimes with Noah, meet Leane, get to know Kamaki a little more.

I went back to Palo Alto before my group meeting in Los Angeles with Aymeric, Paula and Maeva. For three days, I laid in bed crying out loud everyday, I had the worst ear infection and I wasn't sure I could make it to Mexico ! I was lucky to have a doctor at home, Judy and amazing nurse such as Tetua and Andy... I never felt as bad as then. I forced myself out after 3 days as I had to fly to Mexico the next day. I went for a walk, felt tired and find a refuge in a beauty shop, treat myself with a pedicure and hop ! I was ready for the beach... at least my feet !