Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life in P.A.

Almost a month since I got back from Mexico... I focused my mind on the teak deck when I arrived and stayed alone as I wished... quietness and peace brought me back to my soul and I could find my path again...

Eric and Nolwen's visit gently walk me out of my alone stage and now I'm back on track... I can feel the magic again :)

I went to a roast corn party sunday with some friends. Andrew, the owner of the house invites over at  his place around 400 persons each first sunday of august since 14 years, for a roast corn party. He asks his friends to come with new people each year.

On the road sign, some corns are hanging.. cars are parked all along the drive way... people here and there, a giant BBQ full of corn. I arrive with Mickeal, Mariela, Jim and Linda. I tried to make a fondant au chocolat but it became a browny, so I made a salad with homemade vinaigrette. Jim and Linda brought a carrot cake, Mariela made a tiramitsu and Mickeal a greek salad.

I help myself and as waiting for some BBQ fish, Andrew introduces me a young man, telling "here someone that speaks french !!" I was eating some salad and got kind of surprised by the whole situation.. I could stop giggling as I was thinking that I probably have some salad leave on my teeth...
The young man stared at me with and asked me in french "why are you laughing ??? are you making fun of me ? "NO ! I just enjoy laughing... we started to talk and he tells me... "My biggest dream is to have a sailboat and sail around the world"... "You have to come visit my sailboat" I told him... then I ask... what's your name ? "Camille"... I smiled, couldn't stop smiling... Camille is the name of the boy I met 16 years ago on the beach in Moorea. He sailed with his parents from Vancouver, Canada to French Polynesia. He was special to me and I never forgot him. He promised me he would be back... but never did hahaha... When I bought Pangea with Martin, Martin decided that our first destination would be Vancouver island... While working on Pangea to get her ready to come up the coast, I thought about Camille and tried to look for him on internet since I couldn't find his phone number. It would have been good to see him again and especialy arrive there on my sailboat since he never showed up with his !!! hahaha !!!

I found him on his wedding day, I was so excited to know that he was getting married and to see him again. We met the day after his wedding and I met the woman of his life, the beautiful Elise... she became special to me... I was so happy to see them, see Camille... he didn't change much just got taller (he use to be shorter than me).

Camille, my new friend from France, and I left the party to visit Pangea. I was happy to show him Pangea, my dream that came true... we have shared dreams and meeting him wasn't random. We were meant to :-).

He loved Pangea, of course !!! She is beautiful and such a great boat !!!! The BESSSSTT boat in the world... for me :-)

We drove back to the party and spent the whole day togeteher. He was such a matured thinking kid for being 15. We talked about life, had some corn and delicious home made pizza.

The party was very mellow and relaxing, people of all age, food everywhere and drinks cooling in a iced pool...

I left at sunset... Camille promised me he would do everything to realize his dream and see me again... how funny !!! I keep smiling thinking about it, thinking about life, how it is special when we open our heart, listen, feel and live...

Yesterday I visited Jim and Linda who invited me to their house to pick some lettuce from their garden and go berry picking. I arrived there around noon. They moved in P.A. a little more than a year ago and started a vegetable garden. Lettuce, tomato, chard, berries, fruit trees... and much more. With Jim, we drove to a U pick farm. I always wanted to experience U-pick farms and I was really excited because I could pick and eat !!! that's the whole fun about it ! So we did, so much fun, I had a full belly at the end... and 5 pounds of berries !!! yeah !!! It such a clever idea to have these U-pick farm. People come with family or alone and enjoy the experience to the fullest...  I loved it !

We came back home and saw some deer. I layed on the grass, I miss is sometimes on Pangea... Jim brought us an appetizer plate, chedaar cheese of all kind and smoked salmon... DELICIOUS !!! sweet cherries from their young tree, sweet and melting in my mouth. Dinner time... We picked the vegetable we needed from the garden and we went finishing for trouts in their pond. It was so much fun !!! I tried to get a picture of our first catch and while posing with the fish in front of the camera, being a dork as I do very well, the fish got off my hands and went back in the water !!! Oups.... We got 3 fishes but it wasn't as easy as I'm sure they have been told that we were fishing ... :)

I prepared the fish in papillote and some fried potatoes from the garden, Linda prepared the chard and desert... Delicious dinner, beautiful friends and an amazing view over the mountains...

Life is beautiful and I'm happy to be here, happy to be... simply...




  1. Alive and Happy Big smiles, I smile with you as I read my friend. Enjoy the stars tonight. Fun people, good food and always the ocean, life is great:-)

  2. Thank you David... I'm happy you smiled with me, that's what counts :-)... sharing love and smiles... Let the stars flow over your dreams and the moon be the sun of your dreamland.... :-)

  3. Coucou Poema !
    Je découvre peu à peu ton(tes)blog qui risque de me faire passer des heures... à le feuilleter car il est très intéressant. Les reportages et toutes ces belles photos nous mettent dans l'ambiance et c'est un peu comme si on t'accompagnait dans ton voyage. Bravo et bises de Bretagne Georges