Monday, February 13, 2012

Life as an adventure...

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" G.B. Shaw

That was a message left for me I guess... I started my trip because I wanted to find myself and I ended up creating myself and become who I am today... it takes guts to believe in our dream but the path to it is the only way to truly be our self... but I'm happy even if sometimes it can be hard to figure what's going on. What is hard is to see that what ever is irritationg us in the other is our reflection... It took me a while to understand and see that but I will always be thanksfull to my friend Vaiana for telling me that a decade ago...

Everyday can be an adventure if we follow our little inner voice... So I decided to take line dancing classes. I never heard about it but I jump in and I was having a blast being surrounded by all this seniors having fun. I also take some Hula classes and I felt greatly welcome by all. It reminds me how much I love dancing and my culture... I miss Tahitian dance but hula is more strict and I needed that. Today I went with Sandra to some Zumba classes. I've heard of it before and it was a great lot of fun ! I understand why it is so popular. Mix pop dance, acrobatic moves and latino/south american dance with a constant smile on the teacher face... you have Zumba !!! I would recommend it.

Today while walking the dog, I met Wynona and Lindy, two senior neighbor. We started to talk and got connected right away. I found out that Wynona husband is the beekeeper I was buying my honey from last year and I was looking for him to buy more honey... I love his honey and getting it from him, he always had his beekeeper outfit on at the farmers market. Today I visited his honey workshop and it is amazing what you can do with less... Wynona love quilting and she invited me to join her if I wanted to learn how to make them. I immediately accepted of course... I was wondering what I was going to do today... tadaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
Life is magic and we have to watch what we wish for !  
I added some new links to my "website to see" column, check them out. Pangeaseed is a organization fighting against shark finning, you can purchase very cool art and tshirt from their site to support them.
I recently found out about Plastiki, an amazing sailing adventure crossing the Pacific on a boat built with plastic bottle !!!

Follow Liz Clark and Swell across the Pacific and read her touching and well written stories...

I hope you are enjoying yourself, or working on it... we are our life captain... follow your instinct and live the fullest, try to do your best, with love and respect... it's a lifelong piece of work but we will ended up with the best piece of art we will ever own... ourself...

Love to you


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