Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vanilla & life in Fetuna

Another special week has gone by. We planted our first organic wild tahitian vanilla which is a big step for me, meaning that I am settling down for little while and I feel good about it :)... for now... 
I'm falling in love more and more everyday with my surrounding Nature and feel blessed... 
 Here are some new shots from my week, enjoy...


Vanilla flower to be married, 9 months later, the bean will be...

Green life 

Me and my b'fats, lunch, dinner :)

A cow slept over one night... cute !

I love seeing canoes on the water

First organic wild tahitian vanilla harvest 


My office and my assistant

Charles going high on this vanilla batch, I still have my feet and hand tickling think about this climb...

Vanilla vign protected under a coconut leaf

Preparing and planting the vanilla with Charles and Esme. I went in the forest to get old coconut husk, Esme is cutting it in small pieces, Charles is softening the earth and we mix coconut hust, old wood and leaf compost on where we put the vanilla vign... Coconut leave are planted on the east side to give shade to the vanilla.

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