Saturday, May 14, 2011

And there we went...

Wednesday 11th of may
After alsmost a month of hard word and uneasy human adaptation living on a boat for me, meeting great people that became our friends, several departure parties, we finally left Ventura around 3pm towards the north. Sails out, waving to our friend Damien, there we went leaded by dolphins... Night watch for Martin and I, Thibault and Patrick didn't handle the PAcific swell.... I loved the feeling and remember my time on Fetia Ura, a 33m schooner I worked on in Moorea, my first job.
On thursday 12th after a quiet morning, the north wind came up and we tried to go against it to head Moro bay but seeing that the crew were feeling too bad, Martin decided to anchor at San Luis Obispo Bay. We stayed here for two nights and tried to fix some leakage and watertight the boat better.

Tonight, 11.20pm, we are leaving San Luis Obispo trying to reach San Francisco in two days with the south wind...


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