Wednesday, November 9, 2011

322 days since I started this amazing trip, one of my lifetime experience... I decided to leave my paradisiac islands to see the other side of the world.... experience it and see it with my own eyes, with my own feeling... live the dreams that was growing inside me with me.... A big step, I still remember being at the travel agency buying my ticket, shaking and wondering if I should or shouldn't buy it now... then I thought... It's now or never... So I planned my ittinerary with Vaimiti, my travel agent who became my friend. Tickets bought.... flying away and seeing the world... and here I am in Australia, with my brother and family... and looking back at the three hundred and something days spent on this earth, in the air, on the water, smiled shared, tears, heart beat, breath taking moments, peaceful sceneries, alone, with friends, with the stars, with myself....... Such an amazing adventure.... but it seems to never stops because I'm alive and this trip is a never ending story because it's my story....... I'm here with little money left in my pockets, nothing that I really own.... but all that matters to me is being alive, living my dream, trusting my heart and life....... because that's what life is all about.... my life... that's what all matters to me.... right here, right now....

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