Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Followig our step back

Hawaii, a land of dream for many souls, where hearts get lost and open up to the sight of a luxurious kind nature, the feel of warm ocean and sun caressing fragile skins... Sharp ridges flowing like a vertical swell, deep valley leading you to hidden waterfalls... long empty beaches beaten by the Pacific ocean...
I spent three weeks there with Noah and flew back home few days ago... Every time I come back home I discover it differently, falling in love again and again. I'm blessed to be born here. One day an Indian man I met told me we should exchange birth place... Moorea is very special, her silouhette is unique, her shape, mountains are like never seen before, no place I've seen around the world could be compare to I have here. Green lush, fruits everywhere, easy simple island life to the fullest... I've been surfing almost everyday since I arrived, met friends and been reminded of the kindness our people have... It feels good to be home...

Sun and love to you


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