Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coconut oil

I did it !!!! I'm so excited and happy I made my first organic cold pressed (with my hands) extra virgin coconut oil. Three day ago I grabbed 5 coconuts, peel the husk, grated the coconut "meat", milked the coconut shred and let it sit 3 nights in a seal container (temp about 27 *C). A decantation happen thru the night, the water and the "cream" separated. It took two nights to start the second decantation, in the "cream" substance, where oil was starting to form. Tonight I strain the oil and with about 500 ml of coconut milk, I obtain 125 ml of fine oil. I will use it for my cooking, my skin and my hair ! Free oil from my garden !

I just mixed a mosquito repellent  (coconut oil + eucalyptus essential oil + citronella oil) with the left over and it feel and smell amazing !!!!

I'm posting my first photos from Fetuna and Raiatea...

The coconut oil in a glass container... beautiful ! :)

My fruit basket of the day... until I eat half of it tomorrow hahahaha... Organic, simple, whole, delicious, healthy, beautiful, local (from the garden) food... Life is great !

At my first Vanilla Auction. I went there to learn, watch and enjoy the show... It was a great day, people were wondering who I was but were really welcoming and I learned a lot from them with fun.

The coconut grater, the machete (essential and one of the most useful tool in the tropics) and the coconuts halve. I sit on the grater, put the bowl in between my legs and grate the coconut halve on the sharp dented end of the grater.

Freshly grated coconut, I love eating it while grating it, with or without banana... The coconut is ready to be milked. No machine ! I put it in a white fabric and squeeze it.

 I love this night view of the living room bed with coconut in the bowl and a bouquet of wild ferns, Opuhi (red ginger flowers) and white ginger flower. It smell so good...

This one is for my friends and family who miss my face !!!! And I would like to introduce Pumpkin, our Fetuna (the town where I'm living) cat. He is a fighter, loves to talk and he is very affectionate... My everyday friend ;)...

Bisous... Poissons...


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