Thursday, July 21, 2011

A home call Pangea...

Back home…

My little Mexican excapade got me back on my feet but I had to come back to the startintg box of this life cycle to understand what happened this past months, why everything was such a struggle and hurtfull. I’m back on Pangea, where it all started. I got lost but I never gave up on my dream… I needed to be quiet and listen to my heart… submerge myself in nature and take time for myself to find my path again.
My sailing dream is a new cycle of my life. I think we all have several cycles in our life and they are all connected. Realizing our dreams, is never an easy job, but at the end it’s not the goal that really matter, what really matters is the journey that we made to get to it… and my journey to my sailing dream just started… it will take some time for me to get to sail alone but I will get there slowly… always remember that nothing is a failure when you are trying to live your dream, they are challenges we have to face because we need to learn something from it…  there will be tears because we go deep inside us to find what we want, what we are and we will have to overcome our fears…. And trust life…

Going to Mexico, I  met my sister and her family, I saw pure beauty and unconditionnal love in her child.  I met Janice, a friend I could laugh with, José who got me closer to Cuba and gave me strenght, Juan who gave me a ride and showed me that we were all one, Roberto who made me feel special again, Nadia and Ismael who let me in their world, Dina who remind me how special my life is, Martin who take good care of Pangea, Noah, who help me understand myself… and Nature who brought back peace in me, letting the stars shines over my dreams, sun reminds me who I was and where I’m from, water cleaned me… pelican flying gracefully over the water, full moon rising thru the clouds while surfing at sunset, beautiful flower in the desert, islands coming out the water, shark whales and so much more… and you, who are reading me and putting energy into this journey……..

Thank you all,




  1. Keep going, that's all we can do. just lean over and smell the flowers along way. Noho ora mai e hoe.

  2. Coucou Poema
    Pangea : la réalité, le rêve concrétisé, le refuge aussi quand on veut faire une pause... je comprends ce bonheur, ce chemin vers le rêve, je l'ai également pratiqué pour atteindre mes traversées...
    Cordialement de Skreo